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How can I find out the status of my customer rewards?

Just email us at and we will let you know the status of your account.

Does Daybreak ship Internationally?

Yes we do but not through our web site. Call us, or email us and we will be glad to quote the shipping rates for weight and country.

If coffee is said, to have an acidic quality. Does that mean it will upset my stomach?

This taste characteristic called acidity doesn't mean coffee is highly acidic. In fact, when measured on an objective pH scale, coffee is one of the least acidic beverages found in the typical household. Most times when a coffee upsets your stomach it is due to it being poorly prepared….sitting on a burner too long or it is an inferior quality like supermarket canned coffee.

My coffee at home never tastes as good as it does when I am out, Why is that?

Assuming you are using fresh, good quality coffee at home, then the most common reason is your brewing method. Possibly you are using a percolator which can over brew or cook your coffee or your drip brewer might not be brewing at the correct temperature which is 195° F to 205° F. This will lead to a flat tasteless brew.

Do you send free samples of your coffees?

No we do not. You can be assured that your coffee experience from any coffee you purchase from Daybreak Coffee Roasters Inc. will be a pleasant one. We have served millions of satisfied customers since 1989.Our guarantee is your assurance that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Can I make changes to the gifts I see on site, or select the items I want in the gift?

Yes you can it is all part of the Ultimate Customization service that Daybreak Coffee Roasters offers our customers.

I am giving a coffee gift or a gift basket that contains coffee and I do not know if the recipient has a coffee grinder or what type of coffee maker. What should I do about the grind style?

Most people have an automatic drip coffee maker. When in doubt we recommend to grind for an automatic drip.

Which has less caffeine coffee or tea?

Tea actually has more caffeine by weight than coffee. A pound of fine arabica coffee such as used by Daybreak Coffee Roasters has about 2% by weight caffeine content. Where as a pound of Tea has about 4% by weight caffeine content. Because you use less tea, 1 teaspoon per 6 oz. of water, compared to 2 tablespoons of coffee per six oz. of water you get less caffeine in a cup of tea than coffee.

I am a business customer how can my firm find out about ordering your gifts for clients in quantity?

Please email us at or call us at 1-800-882-5282 and we will be pleased to design a program to suit your needs.

Is Daybreak Coffee Roasters part of a national chain?

Daybreak is an independently owned and operated specialty coffee and gift basket business, founded in Glastonbury, Connecticut in 1989.

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