Papua New Guinea

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Originating from Jamaican Blue Mountain seedling, this coffee is an ideal marriage of Indonesian full body with clean, balance and fruity tones of the Americas.


Air Tight Seal * 

Seal your coffee with an air tight seal to maintain freshness until you are ready to brew! We recommend sealing your coffee for optimal freshness if you do not plan on brewing within 3 weeks. Our coffee bags have a one way valve that is used to release CO2.

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The ideal marriage of Indonesian full body with the clear, balanced fruity tones of coffee from the Americas. This coffee originated from Jamaican Blue Mountain seedlings.

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Chemex (#9), Whole Bean, Percolator – Stovetop (coarse #13), Percolator – Electric (coarse #12), French Press (coarse #11), Automatic Drip – Permanent/Keurig Filter (medium #8), Automatic Drip – Paper (medium #7), Manual Drip (fine #5), Espresso – Stovetop (fine #4), Espresso – Pump (very fine #2), Turkish (very fine #1)


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